Co-founder of Machine Ventures Shahab Shabibi Shares Motivational Tips on Entrepreneurship

This twenty-year old entrepreneur shares essential key factors that he learned on business

By Bea Perdigon


When you were a teenager, would you dream of being an entrepreneur and business leader? While most businessmen were still thinking of pursuing their profession, go-getter and entrepreneur Shahab Shabibi, already had a head start on his vision...because at thirteen years old, he already was a leader of his own business.


“I was lucky to find what I really like to do while making money,” says Shahab. was Shahab’s first business project. It served as a platform for music to promote independent artists in his hometown in Iran. Shahab explained that there was no Spotify then, so it was a great opportunity for him to promote the music industry and gain revenue.


And when he turned sixteen years, he built a sports news platform that would translate English news to the Persian language. Since he was passionate about football, he thought it was a good idea to establish a news outlet that would inform and help create interaction in the community of football enthusiasts.



Machine Ventures


Now at twenty years old, he is currently the Co-founder of Machine Ventures. “While I was considering different ventures around Asia, I met up with Farouk Meralli (the current co-founder  of Machine Ventures). We had a casual meetup, and I told him ‘I did music, sports, and transportation. But, I realized that those are not the industries that attract me, it’s more of the act of setting up things. Like making things from scratch, that’s what I enjoy doing,” says Shahab.


Thus, the birth of Machine Ventures, a startup builder that focuses on producing companies by turning their plans and visions into reality. They are known for their tagline “transforming ideas into companies” because they don’t just provide financial support to small startups--they actually guide them step by step in order to create a functional business.


Currently, Machine Ventures is growing continuously in developing successful startups namely: HeyKuya, Constellation7, and Get.Place. HeyKuya is an sms based personal assistant that covers Metro Manila, Contellation7 is a platform that allows digital marketers to have clients, and Get.Place that allows clients to connect with real estate brokers on real time.


Motivating the next generation


For Shahab, it is essential for every student or aspiring entrepreneur to be immersed in a working environment that can bring out the best of their potential. That is why Machine Ventures also offers apprenticeship and fellowship in their company to motivate and encourage people to be successful leaders and businessmen. These teaching platforms are actually close to Shabi’s heart because he experienced a great internship that motivated him to even be a better entrepreneur. 


The fellowship program is designed for students outside of Manila who want to experience an on-the-job training in a fast paced in environment of startups while the apprenticeship is for those interested entrepreneurs who want to experience the startup system.


With his passion in building startups at a young age, surely this is just the start of Shahab’s career. His story encourages both the young and seasoned entrepreneurs to keep pressing on towards the goal .