About Us

TechShake is a Philippine based Tech Media, which mainly focuses on the interviews of entrepreneurs, investors, designers, and engineers. TechShake will demystify Startup scene of South East Asia, and will send right information to the world. We love the story of the person because every person has their own story. We love primary information. We believe this is key to keep the quality of the article. We don't like the "mas-production of articles", which sacrifice the quality or taste of articles. We may not be able to cover all the news in the startup scene, but we'll spend more time/energy for each articles so that we can provide article with some important taste.

The logo of TechShake is composed of circuit like symbol of human in hands. Technology is the source of innovation, but in reality, most of new technologies are coming from outside of South East Asia. We think entrepreneurs, who run business, applies new technologies, are the most important factor to be successful in this region. We put emphasis on people in Startup ecosystem, then, accelerate the development of Startup ecosystem by creating collaboration.

Many investors of developed countries are interested in the market of South East Asia, but a lot of them are complaining that information is very limited. Also, the number of Startups are increasing rapidly in South East Asia, but a lot of them lack right access to funds. We think distribution of right information will be the key to solve this problem. TechShake will mitigate this gap between developed countries and Startups in South East Asia by sending right information.